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I could feel his hands on my leg already as he fiddled his tongue with my ear. I moaned out of sheer pleasure and was about reciprocating when my phone rang. I withdrew myself immediately and searched for my phone in my bag. It was bola calling. I sighed as I answered the call.

          'Hey, Bola', I said as Akinola kissed my palm.

          'Harriet, are you okay? You sound like you are under pressure or ...'

          'It's nothing, bola. Nothing. What's up?', I quickly interrupted.

          'Okay. I'm fine. I was just pressed to pray in my spirit and I decided to call you. I know you are busy at work but can you just spare a little moment for us to pray?'

That came as a bombshell to me. I stylishly eyed Akinola. I didn't want him to know that I wanted to pray. He was still busy sucking my fingers. He was beginning to seem like a pervert to me.

          'Hello???', bola called.

          'Hello bola. I'm here with you. You can start but be snappy. I'm supposed to be in a meeting presently', I lied.

          'Okay. I'll be quick. Heavenly Father, I thank you for...'

I was very uncomfortable because I couldn't even concentrate on the prayers. Akinola was sniffing my shoulders and massaging my thighs. I managed to whisper a quick 'Amen' when she was done and hung up immediately before she could say anything. I turned to face Akinola.

          'I have to go now', I told him with a straight face.

          'What??? Why?', he asked with a very confused look.

          'See Akinola, it's nothing. Actually, it's something. I don't feel okay with all these. I mean, I came here to have a good time with you and not all these. These things are not godly', I said.

He concentrated his gaze on me but I looked away. I swallowed hard.

          'Who called you?', he asked

          'Is that even relevant now?', I asked in wonder

          'Maybe to me. Who called you?'

          'See Akin, I've got better things to do. I have to leave now and thanks for spending time with me. Have a great day', I said, picked my bag and walked out.

I wasn't too sure if he was following me but I wasn't feeling secure. I walked briskly out of the mall to my car. I ignited it and reversed. As I swerved to turn, I saw him standing at the park with his hands in his pocket. He had a very angry look on his face. He also had that look of disappointment. I was a bit scared and pressed the accelerate button. I didn't go back to the office. I drove straight to the hotel and locked myself in my room.

Akinola sent me a message before I slept, apologizing for over reacting and telling me that he missed me already and couldn't wait for us to go on another date. I thought solely about him before finally falling asleep.

My mother called me the next day when I got to work. As usual, she started reminding me of my old age and listed all my childhood friends that were married already. She scolded me for avoiding her calls for a long time and finally asked me to give her my hotel address in Ibadan so that she could pay me a visit. After refusing, I finally gave it to her with the hope that she would throw it away and never visit. Driving back to the hotel after work was as hectic as ever. There was a little hold - up and I had to deal with having not to hit the numerous bikes that hit the road carelessly. I was beginning to miss Toba.

When I got to the hotel, I branched at the restaurant in order to get something to eat. Akinola came over to get my order and I pretended nothing had happened between us.

          'My usual', I said while scrolling through my phone.

I searched for Toba's number and dialled it.

          'Hello. Harriet Ugochukwu on the line. Am I onto Mr Toba Adedeji?'

          'Hallo?', the person responded. 'Ta lo n soro o? (Who is speaking?)'

          'Gbe kini mi wa jare(Give me my thing)! Bebelube(A forward person)!', someone shouted from the background. The voice sounded like that of Toba.

          'Hello?', I said impatiently.

          'Hello ma. Good evening ma. It is me ma.', Toba hastily replied.

          'So you have my number. How are you, Toba?', I asked

          'I'm fine ma. How work ma?'

          'Work is fine but you know, I've missed you. Going to office hasn't been the same without you. Having to navigate and find my way around. All thanks to Google map'

          'Gungun mop? What is that?', he asked ignorantly.

I sighed. 'Never mind, Toba. I just called to check on you. How is your body now?'

          'Fine ma!', he said, laughing. 'I strong daadaa(very well). I don well since three day now'

          'What? Three days? Why haven't you resumed work then?'

          'Aha. Madam, I suppose rest small na. Work e no easy. I just say make I rest for one week. After, I go resume'

          'Toba, this is the dumbest thing I've heard in ages! You must resume work 6am tomorrow. Is that clear?'

          'Aha. Madam, abeg o. I never well o.'

          'You will do as I've said if not, you are playing with your sack letter. See you tomorrow!', I said and hung up. 'What impudence!'

I was still boiling with anger when I noticed Akinola standing in front of me.

          'Yes???', I blurted.

          'Is everything okay?', he asked

          'Just leave, please', I said angrily and he turned to leave immediately.

I woke up early for work the next day. When I was ready to leave, I found my way to the reception, hoping to see Toba. Lo and behold, he was also waiting for me there. He looked very sad and walked up to collect my bag.

          'Good morning ma', he grudgingly said.

          'Morning', I replied.

I wondered why he was angry. I felt he was becoming lazy towards his job and very ungrateful for my kindness. At work, I had a brief meeting with the staff and went back to work. After working for a while, the secretary brought in my breakfast - coffee, small chops chicken and an apple. I was still digging into it when the secretary came back to my office.

          'Ma, you have some visitors', she said.

          'Oh. That should be from Chikito Company, right?', I asked, putting away my coffee.

          'No ma. They are elderly people. One of them, an elderly woman, claims to be your mother'

          'My mother???', I exclaimed loudly.

I stood up immediately and followed her to the reception. There were almost ten people there and they all looked very familiar. My mother sat down on one of the chairs at the reception and stood up immediately she saw me.

           'Ada!', she called out to me and came to hug me.

           'How are you? How have you been?', she asked

I pulled her to a corner instead.

           'Mama, biko(please), what is all these now? What are you doing here? Don't you know this is a corporate organization? How in heaven did you get my office address? I only gave you my hotel address'

          'Ehen? Ogini?(What) And so? When we got to your hotel and they said you weren't around, a young man gave us your office address and we decided to come here immediately'

I immediately knew that the young man was Akinola. He gave them out of ignorance.

I sighed and held my head while trying to calm my nerves.

          'Okay mama. Who are these people and why did they follow you here?'

She laughed. 'Good question. They are our people from the village and the man that dressed in a green suit is your husband. He has paid your bride price and he demanded to see you physically. That's why he is here. The other man beside him is his uncle. You should go and greet them properly like a well trained Igbo girl'

          'WHAT????!!!!!!!', I screamed


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  1. Ahahaha. Mothers ehn. I cannot wait to see how harriet would react

    1. @omorewa, as in, i dey tell you!

  2. interested reader22 May 2017 at 08:56

    Lol...mother's and their drama

    1. @interested reader, abi o. They have small wahala sha

  3. Hian? Husband ke complete with bride pice sef. Na wa oh. I didn't see that coming at all.
    Harriet's mother is the real bebelube. Lol

    1. @abisola, realest bebelube indeed. Lmao


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