Just like some past few tours, this one was a very stressful visit. I had to go back the first day and return the next...ahh wanted to cry. Knowing fully well that this is examination period in University of Ibadan, it was indeed stressful. However, it was worth it. I had much fun. The first day, I decided to awaken the spirit of adventure in me and move from one floor to another. Little did I know that there were 23 floors in all. When I got to the ninth floor, I wanted to just, eet waz stressful! The next day, I wisened up and took the lift to the last floor patapata and that's where I had the most fun! Why? Because there is a museum located there. Are you excited already? Simply keep calm, relax, grab that satchet water you've placed in an ice - cooler since yesterday and enjoy the post!

It was very easy finding my way to Dugbe(a place in Ibadan). I took a bike straight down from UI(University of Ibadan) to Dugbe(This is where cocoa house is situated). The bike man collected N300 from me. Quite fair...I think. The first day I went was very funny. There were some government cars passing and you know people now, people started running after the cars and were screaming

Sincerely, I wanted to take a snapshot of these cars because they were big, exotic and they came in numbers. However, when I saw soldiers, I kuku respected myself and kept back my phone before someone breaks my head and my phone at the same time. At the same time, I didn't dull myself o. I also tried catching a glance of whoever it could be. Whether it was the Oyo State Governor or a Senator or some of Aso Rock's thieves but I couldn't since they used tinted glasses. It was disheartening.

When I was almost giving up, I saw one fat but suited up man in one of the cars. If you had seen the bail of money that was in his hand, I had to ganpa to where I was standing. He resulted to pocket the money in his suit pocket and was starring at me. Me too, I looked at him back but not with happy thoughts o. Anyway, let me comment my reserve.

The next day I went which was the main day was more cool and calm.

                    INSIDE COCOA HOUSE
The environment was cool as usual with random people walking up and down...either to shoprite or to kokodome. These are the two major neigbours of cocoa house. The first day, I visited Shoprite. The second day, I visited kokodome and I have just two major stories to tell concerning the visit but that would be for later.
There is a woman as you can see in the picture that usually sit opposite the entrance, collecting money from vehicles. Like toll gate payment. If you are going to come to cocoa house with your leg-gedis-benz model 2016, there is no problem. You don't have to think of toll gate fare. But if you are now balling in a car, bus, bike or anything, you should hold small change. I think it's just about N50 or N100.
The entrance is located at the other side of the building.

                  INSIDE COCOA HOUSE

The inner part of the building is absolutely beautiful. Now, I really don't know if there is more than one entrance into the building. The three times I visited this place, I entered through this same entrance and I was never redirected to another entrance. However, there is a staircase place that can pass for a second entrance. The staircase side is for people who are weighing 65kg and above and want to loose weight by using the staircase instead of lift to the 23rd floor. I can assure you that you will loose at least 20kg if you use it to and fro. However, I am not interested in the fitfam life for now. So, I used the luxury lift.

I had to collect a tag from the office above. The first day I went, I didn't know I was to collect a tag. When the head of security saw me, he was really vexed as if I did it intentionally. To avoid any embarssement, make sure you collect a tag before going to anywhere within the building. The next day, I wisened up and went straight to collect a tag. Funny enough, I met the head of security again and this time, he was well pleased seeing me with a tag.
And don't forget to drop money into the Odu'a Charity Box.
This was me on the first day I went, about to enter the lift.

                       ODU'A MUSEUM

Earlier on, I mentioned that it was very stressful going from one floor to another and so, I opted out for the peak and tourist attraction centre on the 23rd floor which is the ODU'A MUSEUM. Notwithstanding, I will be briefing you about what goes on in other floors.
It is important to note that you will have to pay the sum of N100 in order to gain access into the museum.
                                             Yea, we're on the 23rd floor! It's not easy!
                                  You're welcome! Because I actually didn't touch the wall.
 There is an Air - Condition at the staircase area that leads you into the museum. Isn't this living the life?
                                                                And the reception area.
 Welcome to the Museum! SHHHH! No Noise plix

                                                               Beautiful sight, isn't it?
The curator who later showed me round was sitting in his office, reading a book. Now, I have a not - so - good news. Firstly, the museum is unbelievably beautiful and real. However, the curator disallowed me from taking pictures. True to his words, there was a sign post in there that read - TAKING OF PICTURES IS NOT ALLOWED. He was however gracious to me because he allowed me to take pictures of the other part of the museum but the other part isn't the real deal. The part I didn't take is the realest deal. *wipes tears*

In order to get to see the content, you just have to come visiting personally. Yea. There were a whole lot of traditional and ancient stuffs. From ancient guns, to cowries, to ancient pots and plates of different kinds, to statues, to charms, to ancient bullets, to an ancient yoruba king doing the mannequin challenge, to traditional chief clothes, to crowns of different kinds and whole lot of things. It was really insightful, deep and fun with Air - Condition to bless the whole adventure. Let's move to the part I was able to snap.
 I know it looks like a tree of charms but it's not. It contains some ancient sport equipments.

                                                     This is the cocoa house in a box.
 Stories about Yoruba heros and evidence to show for them.

 The exit of the second part of the museum.

 The football and shoes of one of the late yoruba football hero.
 After the museum tour, we came through another door to the outer part of cocoa house. The sight was something else.
The outer door and the curator perhaps wondering why I was so excited.

 Can you see the view from up?
 Feel the view?
 You dey feel am?
 Ibadan, beautiful city!

 Oga Curator!
 Me, posing for the camera.
The sun was too much so I had to squeeze my face and eyes for the pictures. Can you see the tag? Yea? Interesting tour, right? I really had fun.
Now inside the lift and managing a selfie with the populace in the lift. Pasted on the lift wall is a paper that says the maximum of people in the lift should be 17. My heart began to beat when it was looking as if the amount of people in the lift don dey pass 17. All in all, I had an interesting visit. You should pay a visit very soon!


Basically, there are many offices on other floors in the cocoa house. On almost every floor, there are different offices. From small SMEs to large companies (but not so large). You will find people in different offices who will not welcome the idea of you taking pictures of their office. Incase you are looking for where to pitch a new office, cocoa house has got your back!

                   SHOPRITE VISIT
I mentioned earlier that I went to shoprite on my first visit. Now, I don't have a problem with the place but I have a big problem with the place I ate my food. All the restaurants were not smiling price - wise. So, I opted out for one of the restaurants that sold the cheapest. I got tanzanian rice(she said it is fried rice without curry) and I also got fried rice with one meat and a bottle of coke.

Can you see how small the food is? The entire food plus the drink was over N700. I thought I would get quality for my money. Not only did the food have a bad taste, initially, there was a big fly in the meal. I wanted to cry! I just had to manage finishing the food because my money cannur coman waste. I left sadly. Please, be careful of where you buy food o. Don't let them deceive you with the international name like Tanzanian Rice...mtchew!

                KOKODOME VISIT
I didn't even know that this place was beside cocoa house. I sha used to hear it in my school that there will be a nightparty at kokodome from 11pm. It is N1000 for guys and free for ladies. Free transportation will be available to convey ladies from their hall of residence...SMH(SHAKING MY HEAD IN PITY AND WONDER). Anyway, I decided to enter the place since I saw the view of the swimming pool from the last floor of cocoa house.
Can you see the swimming pool?

                                                                     The Entrance.

                                                     The swimming pool area.
I was going to take more pictures when one of the staffs(I guess) told me that people swimming won't like the idea and they could confront me. That's not even my problem. After the visit to cocoa house, I decided to get something to eat since I was already in kokodome. The lady on seat gave me a paper to check out what they had. Everything ranged from N1500, N2000 and above. Like WHAT???!!!!!! Ordinary rice was reading about N2000. I'm serious! I asked for student price and they all started laughing like I came to joke. One of the ladies then told me that the cheapest I can get is indomie which was N900. I just carried myself and left. The lady was however nice enoght to describe an Amala Joint for me.
The amala joint which was opposite cocoa house was nothing to write home about. The fish in the abula above is N300. I spent almost N500 on just amala that I would get inside UI for just N200. NAWA O. The amala was soft and succulent but I don't know why it just tasted somehow in my mouth unlike the normal ones I do eat.
Since people have started selling expensive but rubbish food, I kuku went to the Newspaper stand to see what is happening around the country.

Cocoa House is also open to excursion activities for schools. When visiting the museum, don't forget to bring along a pass fee of N100 and don't come alone. Come with friends and family.

 ESTIMATED MONEY YOU WILL NEED WHEN VISITING COCOA HOUSE - N200 (This does not include food o. If you cannot afford shoprite and kokodome's food and snacks won't fill you, simply cook and bring your food along...honest advice)

Photo Credit - Myself and the Curator

Phone Used - What did you expect? My Tecno P5 of course!👅

Unnecessary Information - It seems christmas has started in Ibadan already because in most places, it's either they are selling christmas trees and christmas goodies or they have decorated their area with christmas stuff. No be small tin o!




  1. to read newspaper dey go o!. I really enjoyed reading this piece. Emete, you are bae!

    1. @Jolade, lol...abi. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for stopping by. Do check back!

  2. lmao @leg-gediz benz 2016...I didn't even know Nigeria has a tallest building lol. Now i want to eat amala and ewedu.
    I enjoyed reading this post.

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    1. @tega enai, lol. nigeria has a tallest building, dear and please eat amala and ewedu + gbegiri = abula. Thanks for stopping by. Do check back!

  3. Hey Emete, thanks for this information. It's good to know Cocoa House has a museum now. You should try the club sandwich and chapman in Koko dome. Really good!
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  4. @pagesbyike, you are welcome! club sandwich and chapman in koko dome? i must definitely try those. Thanks for stopping by. Do check back!

  5. I loooooooove your reviews.
    It's so detailed and u are unpretentious.
    Some people would have been forming " the Tanzanian rice wasn't expensive and delicious" " koko dome food was bae" etc.
    Sorry about the fly in your meal. The things you do for us right? Lol.
    I think I will try to go to the Museum one day, they should advertise it more. If you hadn't written about it, how I for know say museum dey there now?

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  6. @bisola, lmao...thanks babe! I'm glad you love the reviews...anything for you! They will assuredly work on their advert system. Thanks for stopping by. Do check back.


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