Finally, the post is up here! While I sat on my bed thinking about the first place I would visit, the thought of Mapo Hall came to my mind. The first time I saw Mapo Hall was about some months ago when I was going to Challenge to submit a proposal at GLO(Globacom) Office on behalf of my faculty. The place was filled with activities and I wondered what was happening. I also found the hall to be fascinating - the structure, actually. This was because the hall sat on a hill.
The long staircase is one of a kind. So I enquired from my cab man and he explained that the next day was the coronation of the new king of Ibadan. You guys heard the news, yea? His explanation justified the activities. So, I decided to visit the place and know exactly what's inside the building after hearing different tales about the place. I searched the internet for the interior of Mapo Hall but I didn't get anything close to what I wanted. I just had to go and see for myself. I will be giving you exclusive pictures and everything you need to know about the hall of the king makers, Mapo Hall.

                        MY JOURNEY TO MAPO HALL

I boarded a bike from my Agbowo to Bodija (They are places in Ibadan). Actually, it's very trekkable but I wasn't feeling fine at all. I was so down but I just had to go. From Bodija, I took a cab straight to Bere. I heard Bere is one of the most local places in Ibadan. Bere is like the Ajegunle of Lagos. Funny enough, I wasn't well acquainted with Bere and so, I told the cab man to inform me when we got there. When we were almost there, a man that was sitted beside me that I was really angry at because he made me sit so uncomfortably popped in a question about me not knowing Bere and all of that and that's how we became acquainted. All the pictures here were taken courtesy of his phone (Hehe, lucky me!).
 When we got to Bere, he agreed to take me to Mapo Hall. Mapo Hall is located in Mapo City not Bere but I really couldn't see the difference between the two places because it was very trekkable but the sun was so intense. I thought I was going to bake. On our way, we saw people selling different kind of things such as yams and others stuffs. The yams were really really big and they kept calling us but I just had to keep a straight face because if you turn and you didn't patronize them, they will turn it into something else.
From where we stood, the magnificient and ancient Mapo Hall stood on the Mapo Hills. Rather than we entering, I urged him to snap me in front of a statue that stood at the roundabout. I really cared less if people where looking or cars where passing. I got to know later that the statue is of one of the ancient warriors in Ibadan.
And what is a good day without a good selfie? LOL!
I know the pictures aren't too clear. I guess the sun contributed sha but if you look clearly, you will see the black statue behind. After the pictures, we had to walk back to the side of aerial view of the Mapo Hall. That's where the side entrance is located and that was the only place that was open.
The entrance was not as big and is not as big as the main entrance. I was able to catch a glimpse of the statue of a lion that sat on an elevated cemented ground. The lion must represent something for it to be at the entrance. Perhaps, it denotes kingship (Me I don't know o. Just guessing).
When we finally entered, there were so many people sitting on the stairs of the hall. I was bewildered. I wasn't expecting it. I assumed the place would be so secured and quiet with just guards around. But then, there were people sitting down - mostly women. That was when I realized that the hall is actually open to all and sundry and not just for a major few.
I kept on taking pictures and pictures and more pictures till the man I circled above came and confronted us. He asked us why I was taking pictures and my mission. I was so uncomfortable. From questioning us, he took us to their office where a man, I guess is their oga at the top, started another round of questions and I had to explain my mission to him. He understood and told me that he was questioning us just for security purpose which I understood perfectly well. So if you are going to Mapo, you must have a mission attached to it. From there, the man that confronted us initially assumed the duty of our tour guide.
To be frank, the building structure is absolutely fascinating. The building reminded me of all those british movies I used to watch on TV. Movies like Merlin, Legend of the Seeker. Their buildings are alike. That gave me the intution that the building was constructed by the whites and true to my thoughts, the building was actually constructed by the whites.
                                                                       Our Tour Guide
I was very much interested in entering but Abas, the man I met in the cab whose phone I used in taking these pictures and who was kind enough to follow me round suggested I ask about the platelets on the wall of the building. Well, our tour guide explained in details about who constructed the building and who commissioned the building. It was commissioned by Ex - President of NIgeria, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo and renovated in 2008 by the present governor of Oyo State, Governor Ajimobi.
He also explained that long ago when there used to be war, Mapo Hill where the ancient Mapo Hall is now situated used to be an hiding place for many Oyo and Ibadan and Osun people. Well, that was before Osun was seperated from Oyo state. They used to be together. They would all hide there and the hill also provided a major view which was advantageous to them because they could sight the enemy from afar and know when to attack or run.
Finally, we entered the hall. Funny enough, it was a HALL! I thought I was going to see some sacred images, ancient images. It's actually more than that. To be frank. Mapo Hall is one of the most beautiful halls I have ever visited. The roof gave it this bluish natural colour and it was so fascinating.
The chairs were well arranged and the hall was very very neat and was fully air - conditioned. At the front was a long table. It made me remember the setting of a board room in a company where staffs meet with the C.E.O and there were flowers on it as well. Upwards sat the picture of our current Nigerian president, His Excellency, Mohammadu Buhari and the Governor of Oyo State, Governor Ajimobi.
I was overly overwhelmed by the sight that I forgot to take a close shot of the flowers. (Forgetful me). Behind the board room - like setting was an array of steps leading to the upper part of the hall.
From the upper part, we had another view of the hall. Trust me to take pictures.
By the left was a door which led to the outermost part of the hall. From where we stood, it seemed like we could see the entire Ibadan. Little did I know...
  There was another door which led to the uppermost part of Mapo Hall. The room that hosted the cemented and unpainted staircase was very tight. VERY TIGHT. We had to walk one by one and I wondered why it was like that. It was then explained to me by my tour guide that the uppermost part of Mapo was formerly known as the temporary prison. This was the place where the king used to house people who refused to pay tax in the olden days. Indeed, the staircase they would pass to the temporary prison was enough to deepen one's fear. I couldn't get a clear picture of the stairs because it was somewhat dark.
Alas!, we got to the uppermost part. From outside Mapo, people would see it as the roof but being inside Mapo, it was a temporary prison. To me, it was a very beautiful sight,,,lol. Too beautiful to be a prison. So I asked if people where still taken there but he laughed and said they now have upgraded and mordern prisons unlike this temporary prison. Now, I had the best view of Ibadan.
I really had a good time at Mapo Hall to be sincere. It was fun all through even though body bin dey do me one kind but it didn't take away my fun. From the pictures, you would see that I was really stressed out before coming to Mapo but the brieft tour lightened me up. While we were leaving, our tour guide kept asking me for compesation. Compesation kwa?! Then the man I was with told me to squeeze out N100 but I couldn't o. I told him I came with my transport fare alone and that was the
Before leaving Bere, we both went to the main gate to take some pictures. Mapo Hall 'dem must know that some people have visited
So, this is Mapo Hall for you. You should pay a visit soonest!
                ADDED INFORMATION
The tour guide told me that people do come to Mapo Hall for excursion. Schools also come down there for excursion. So when next you are thinking up a place for an excursion, it should be Mapo Hall all the way! Also, Mapo Hall is the place in Ibadan where kings are made and crowned which suggests the topic. It's always a very serious and sacred time. Mapo Hall is also an event centre. People throw weddings and all kind of events at Mapo Hall. So, I inquired about the charges. He said it is N200,000(Two hunded thousand naira) to throw a party in the hall while it is N50,000(Fifty thousand naira) to throw a party outside the hall. The outer part is really big. How cheap! Well, that's Ibadan for you o.
Also, the man whom we toured together and whose phone I used really kept my company while I was in the cab. He told me he is a moslem and also consults Ifa. It was shocking though but I wasn't too suprised since I am well acquainted with Africa Magic Yoruba.
Hope you enjoyed this article. Where would you like me to visit next? Keep checking the blog for more very interesting posts. Thanks for reading! Don't forget to comment, subscribe and share! share! and share! Lots of love!






  1. We finally into Mapo Hall. Nice initiative!

  2. @Kunle, Exactly! Thanks. Do check back!

  3. I'm usually very bored in ibadan...maybe next time I can tag along to hold your tecno phone for you lol...twas really fun to read, keep it up

  4. @Emmanuel, Thanks a lot. I would really appreciate if you hold my techno Thanks for stopping by. Do check back!

  5. Lol at African magic Yoruba. Truly one learns all sorts from that channel.
    I was really surprised at the pictures of inside the hall. Amazing. And to think I pass through that road a lot on my way to Court to link ring road. I didn't know the hall was that beautiful. And the interior, you are right, it looks like something you will find in Merlin or even Game of Thrones.
    I need to explore Ibadan more jare.
    Thanks for the view and the pics plus the gist. I like how unpretentious you are.

  6. @Bisola, lol and assuredly, the interior is really awesome! Please explore it more and that's what this blog is here to help you with. Thanks for stopping by. Do check back!

  7. I really enjoyed reading this guide into Mapo Hall. It was as if I was there in person. keep it up!

  8. @Ofadaa, thanks a lot! That's the essence of the blog - to experience Ibadan LIVE! Thanks for stopping by. Do check back!

  9. I feel you got some of the places all jammed up lol. That initial round about before you start climbing towards mapo is kinda where bere ends. Mapo hall itself is situated in "oja oba". The yam sellers are the first set of traders you would meet in oja oba and you don't have to fear them lol. It's not by force to buy something. The market is the cheapest one I've seen in Ibadan so far tho.
    Now this piece is very educating. Would you believe that even though I'm always at Mapo every other week (I was still there last Thursday), I never knew that there was another staircase leading to the roof talkless of it hosting an ancient temporary prison? Your blog has got me hooked. I sure would be paying you more visit. Keep it up.

    1. @anonymous, thanks for the detailed info, dear. Lol..thanks though and you can always check those places when next you visit. Thnaks for stopping by. Do check back!


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