Hollup, guys! How has your day been? Sunny? Stressful? Fun - filled? Mine has been the combination of all but I thank God anyway. So I was sitting down one day and just reminiscing and I thought up something nice. I thought of a good way to reward every blog reader...whether you've got our back since day one or you're just stumbling on the blog for the first time...this post got you covered. Now, it's not a giveaway. The first blog's giveaway would be when we hit a particular mark of pageviews which we are very close to...thanks to everyone that keeps clicking on the blog's link every now and then. This is just to give you some goodies which I hope everyone loves. Everythng is Ibadan related. So don't think we are slowly moving out of our terrain. Sometimes adventure, sometimes gist and sometimes goodies. You understand shey? Let's go!

                         ON SURVEYS
Recently, I read on a blog or is it a newspaper website that Nigerians should expect 2017 depression which is worst than 2016 recession. I was dumbfounded. However, I know that lines are falling unto me in pleasant places. So, to support our jobs, our businesses and if you are a student, to support the pocket money ministry like me, why don't we also monetize what we are passionate about?

There are surveys all over the net that pay money to you just for filling them. My boyfriend's friend actually earns about N30,000 from surveys he fills. Please, isn't that helpful in this season? At least, it can buy you 12 yards of ankara material. You will use 6 yards to sew the cloth you will wear for the wedding you were invited to this saturday and the remaining 6 yards to sew christmas cloth. I also fill surveys and I earn money from them. Why not you?

You can check some of these survey links below by clicking on them and start earning rightaway! Thank me later. 

If this process is too long, send me your email and I will refer you!

                     ON NETWORKING
I know many of you seriously don't want to hear anything about networking because you are tired of the stress of bringing 2 people or 4 people or 10 people or 100 people. And you are also tired of investing thousands of naira and not being able to find people to put under you. I know that life! Well, I've got something easier and better, uhn?. They are - 

1. RIIAB - This networking site requires you to invest that chicken change in your pocket - N400. It's that cheap. After registering with N400, you will be required to bring another set of 4 people who will also invest N400. These are the only people you will ever bring into RIIAB and you will start earning! There are 4 levels.

In level one, you will earn N1600
In level two, you will earn N12,800
In level three, you will earn N256,000
In level four, you will earn N5,120,000

RIIAB means Residual Income In A Box. To register, simply click on the link below 

2. EAT - This networking site requires that you startup with N500 and bring just 4 people. These are the only people you will ever bring. Once you've brought them, you will be credited with N5000 immediately. However, there is another dimension to this system. You can decide to register with N1000 and bring 4 people. You will be credited with N15,000 immediately you've completed bringing these people. It's that easy!

                           ON MMM
  Err, don't look at me that way! You know someone that knows someone that is doing MMM and you might just be doing too. If you're not, people are actually making money from it. I hear the government is trying to play games and block their site. They must be joking! Actually, what has the government done to help our lives rather than constitute nuisance and cause even more poverty making youths venture into crime and others, commit suicide due to the heartless people in government. MMM is a system that has restored Joy and happiness into homes. It has stopped couples from fighting over money and it has stopped children from going hungry. It has given youths jobs, money and every reason to marry soonest since money don dey. I'm not here to convince you. However, if you are praying earnesting and hoping that MMM crashes soon, I reserve the prayer point I should have said for you.

For those who are interested, MMM is a community that requires you to provide help to members of the community and get help in return with 30% of your money inclusive. How interesting! To participate, click on the link below 
Only people with websites would be able to relate to this. It's either you have a blog or a website...any site sha. Affiliate marketing is a kind of advertising that showcases on your site. How will I even explain it? You know, many times you visit sites and you see some really annoying ads. Some will pop up, some will be in the post, some all over the website or blogs. Yea, that's affiliate marketing. You help companies advertise and they pay you per click. Isn't that interesting? The biggest affiliate marketing in Nigeria right now is KONGA. You can become an affiliate marketer for some of the companies below. 

Simply click on the link, scroll to the bottom of the website and look for a part that says become an affiliate. You can take over from there. Don't forget to click on the ads on this my ministry. Thanks in advance!

Don't let me over gist you. Simply click HERE 
Thank me later!

So, these are the list I was able to collate. I hope they are really helpful. Have a great day ahead!

(Incase, you still don't understand how to regsiter or go about any of them, simply contact me!)



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