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First off, I think I need to edit that my Amala list on the 5 top places to eat Amala. In the list, I didn't input Iya Abula and now that I remember, I regret it. The reason why I didn't input it was because I didn't know the name of the joint. All I knew is that it was heavenly. Now, after a few months, the canteen has been renovated which is a sign of constant inflow of correct money. The best part of it is that the owners have erected an obvious sign board with the name - IYA ABULA. Good one!


Would you believe that while I was compiling that list, I had never ever eaten at Ose Olohun. Most times, I simply do an intent research work and make a list. On a particular day when I was visiting Trans Amusement park to see someone, I stumbled on Ose Olohun and my oh my! the aroma that followed drew my attention and I decided in my heart that I must take in some good ol' amala into my hungry tummy!

When I was through with what I was doing at Trans Amusement park, I decided to return back to Ose Olohun. Before then, a friend of mine who I went to visit at Trans made some funny comments when I mentioned Ose Olohun to him. He said,

'You sef wan go chop for Ose Ololun? I pity you! The way I dey see that place ehn, it be like say dem dey do some little something in the background because you will see big men packing in front of that place sweating profusely just to eat there. In fact, there's one top guy I know that cannot do without visiting that place as if he's been jazzed. So, if you eat there now, just know you're stuck for life'

Lol. As funny and mediocre as it sounded, it gave me a second thought. It reminded me of 'White House' in Yaba, Lagos where I and my family used to eat back then and we were truly stuck because their Amala was second to none. I always anticipated going there. Back then when a wrap of Amala was N10 and my dad gave me N100, I bought N90 amala and N10 meat. Their amala was that excellent!

Even though I had a second thought, against all odds, I still visited Ose Olohun. I had a lot of hopes and expectations and they were all dashed within seconds. First of all, the inside wasn't even big. It was very tight and small. In my small mind, I took suspicion of the servers so that they don't put something that would make me stuck. Lol. The place was also very dirty. Truth be told. There were a lot of hungry faces around, sweating and digging deep into the Amala. I bought my food and found a little corner to dig in. The table was dirty though and this pissed me off. I still managed to eat.

Eating sef, the amala and abula joined together were below my expectation. Like, I expected some divine taste because of the hype. I was totally disappointed. One good thing I could take away from Ose Olohun was a friend I met there, Bidemi who is based in the UK. That's a friend of days, man! I discussed about it with him when I got into his jeep and as the liberal UK guy he is, he shoved off the idea that they were using any jazz and that it's just people's preference and nothing more. Anyway, that's the last time I stepped into Ose Olohun. So, they are not using Jazz because nothing even attracted me back.

Meanwhile, I visited Iya Abula yesterday and they just never seize to make me happy. Quite a small shop inside Agbowo, beside Libra Kitchen but still, they deliver the best. Sometimes, forget the hype and do your own little research. However, something happened yesterday. I bought two wraps of Amala costing N100 and one meat and sat down to munch it without caring who was around. Two guys came in and glanced briefly at me. There was another guy who was eating in front of me as well. When I finished mine, I wasn't satisfied, so I went to buy another wrap and another meat.

It was then I noticed alternating glances from the men and in my mind, I was like,

'Shey a lady cannot buy another wrap of amala in peace or should I be forming ni?'

Well, not minding whatever, I sat down to eat and when the amala finished, I started using my hand to lick the soup. The guy sitting in front of me perhaps noticed that there was no forming anywhere, so he focused on his own food. I used the meat to pack the soup and this reminded me of when I used to lick the plate when I was much younger. The inner bush girl in me wanted to lick the plate but I respected myself quickly. When I was done, I collected my change and went my humble way.

Any time any day, I will always put IYA ABULA before OSE OLOHUN. What has your amala and abula experience been like?


SIDE GIST - Oh my! I saw Kingsman: The Golden Circle last week and it was a hit like back to back! You need to go and see that movie if you're yet to see it. I think I have to see it again in order to do a review on it because I didn't watch it from the beginning. I was late. So sad. But still, it was very interesting. We were clapping in the cinema. It was that good!

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  1. Lol. And Ose Olohun makes sense o. Maybe its the day you went sha. But they are truly dirty. I'm enjoying this new column

    1. Lol, bruno. Perhaps. Thank God you acknowledged that they are dirty. That place is damn stuffy!


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