Hiyowa Hello!

First of all, if you're single and yet to send your details for matchmaking and you're even based in Ibadan, chai, let me reserve my comment. So, two people have been successfully matchmade on here. The lady in question sent me her message just yesterday. Read it below -

" I'm super excited. Morayo is God sent. I pray he doesn't change. We've gone on a date and he is really romantic'

All I could do was say 'Awww'. I really love hearing love stories. Matchmaking Chisom wasn't quite easy. I hooked her up with about five guys. The most complaints was that some of them were muslims while the ones who were christians said NO because she's on the big side. But you know, the fact that someone rejected you doesn't mean someone else won't accept you. Like I told her yesterday, never let anyone demean you or your self worth. Now, Morayo is someone who loves big ladies and he fell head over heals when he met Chisom.

"If there is one thing I know about love, it is that the right person will see the good in you that no other person ever saw" - EMETE SMART 2017

Be like Chisom and Morayo and send your details today if you're based in Ibadan or you want an Ibadan based partner. If you're shy and don't want your details on the blog, I won't put it up. However, I will still get you hooked up. To get intimated with the procedures, click HERE



  1. Wao! Congrats to them. Love is indeed a good thing. Love your quote.

    1. It is indeed. I'm glad you love my quote. Thanks for stopping by.

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