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          'What just happened...must be a secret between the both of us. Nobody, I repeat, nobody must know about this. Is that clear?'

Akin gave me a brief kiss on my neck instead and stood up from the bed to get dressed. I buried my head in my palms as I silently regretted my mistake.

          'Babe, I'm going', he said, all dressed up

          'See yourself out'. My voice was in a whisper already

          'Are you okay?'

          'Get the hell out of my room!', I shouted angrily

          'Wow! Softly, Harriet. Softly. Besides, I enjoyed it. Damn! You're a beast in bed!', he said and staggered out.

I avoided eating in the hotel's restaurant just because of Akin. I was very sure he would be the one to serve me. He kept calling after that day and I had to block his line using Truecaller. Office work became my only solace. I had no friend in Ibadan. Bola called me just once after the retreat and didn't bother calling again. The church? I was too ashamed to attend because of guilt stares that would focus on me due to the incidence between I and Pastor John. Sister Teshola was enough thorn in the flesh. I became very lonely and upset and resulted into going back to my Lagos lifestyle of drinking more alcohol than I smiled.

When the loneliness began to kill me, I had no choice than to unblock Akin's number on Truecaller and call him in for sex again. Sex, and sex, and sex, and even more sex. There was no love between us. Absolute lust. Yes, I wanted love but I couldn't seem to find it anywhere. So, even more sex.

Saturday came quickly and I had to travel down to Lagos for the wedding. The tailor managed to sew the skirt perfectly but I had to adjust the hand of the top twice. The event held at one of the biggest hall on the Island. There were so many jeeps parked in front of the hall and just at the entrance was a big banner with the picture of my friend, Cynthia and her to - be husband, the ex - president son's cousin. He wasn't much of a head turner but he looked presentable anyway and he is an initiated member of the beard gang.

          'Harri - popo!', someone called. It was Mayor, one of my male friends back in Lagos. He used to be a major suitor but I never gave him face because he was still struggling and earning N50,000 per month whilst driving a rickety car.

          'Mayor, Sup!', I waved but he drew me in for a tight hug instead.

          'Babe, you look smashing! Your husband must be taking good care of you o'

          'Erm, excuse me. When did I tell you I was married? I'm still very single'

          'Oh, wow! After all these years? You wey dey play hard to get like say all the men dey round your finger. I being think say you for don say I do like your friends now'

I sighed angrily. 'Are you done talking? If you are, can I attend the wedding in peace?'

          'No shaking now. Just thought I should holla at you. Heard you got transferred to Ibadan. No wonder we no dey see you for club again and the guys don't have anyone to hit on again'

          'Mayor, are you mad? What's all these rubbish talk for?'

He was laughing hard now. 'Nor vex! I seriously didn't mean to upset you. This is my way of telling you that I missed you'

          'Not interested', I hissed

          'Hmm. Well, after you left, I wrote a professional exam in Ghana and I got called up for the interview and I was given the job. If we're to convert my salary to Nigerian currency, I would be proudly earning about N550,000'

          'What?!', I exclaimed. 'Wow!'

          'Not only that. I was given a house and a car and wardrobe allowance. I've been living the life, harri - popo'

          'Unbelievable!', I managed to say in surprise.'I'm totally happy for you, my sweetheart', I said and hugged him

          'Honey, I've been looking for you inside. What are you ding outside?', a lady called out from behind

I retreated immediately. She was quite taller than me and held the hand of a little boy who looked about two years.

          'Who's she?', I and the lady asked at the same time.

Mayor smiled. 'Erm, Efya, meet Harriet. Harriet, meet Efya, my wife'

          'YOUR WIFE???', I exclaimed.

I felt like I didn't hear properly. He came closer and whispered.

          'All those times you were doing yanga, I got her pregnant when she came to Nigeria from Ghana on a trip. She is the secret behind my Ghana connection. I had to marry her two months ago since we already had a son together', he said and stood back.

My mouth fell wide open and all I could utter was 'Okay'

I watched as the Ghanaian lady held unto her man who used to be my suitor. Mayor, who used to come all the way from Surulere to my flat to beg me to date him. Mayor, who I and my flatmates would make jest of and even poured spoilt rice mean't for the dog on him on an ocassion. Mayor, who used to earn N50,000 and drive a rickety car is now the one earning N550,000 with a great car, a house, living the life in Ghana and importantly, has a wife. I stood for a while, trying very hard to fight back back my tears. If it poured, it would ruin my mascara and powder. I couldn't afford that.

The inside of the hall was filled to the brim. It was the most beautiful hall I had ever seen. It felt like a Paris wedding. A fairy-tale wedding. I and Cynthia's friends sat gracefully at the left side of the hall, wearing matching aso - ebi. The Yoruba demons sat just at the right hand side while the Parents and older ones sat in front. The security was so very tight. The ex - president was sitted gracefully in front among other important dignitaries. I could smell great wealth left, right and center. When it was time for the bride and groom to come in, we all assembled behind the hall and danced in with them. For too many reasons, I couldn't dance well and I could see Seun gesturing for me to dig it.

We were served food as many times as we wanted. There was surplus food and drinks. I stuck to drinks instead after a plate of Jollof rice and moinmoin with assorted meat and catfish. There was plantain and coleslaw too just in one plate. Too many things to eat. I watched as Cynthia smiled and laughed happily. Finally, Cynthia had what I didn't have - a man. On the dance floor, she held onto him tightly whilst kissing and hugging him. Different big musicians sang for them and people also assembled to spray them - in dollars. The stage was soon like a money bin with heap of dollars and N1000 notes everywhere. My flatmates and friends as well as other people joined them to dance and celebrate but me? I decided to drink myself to stupor.

The wedding came to a close and there was an after party for the singles in the building as well as younger couples. Still sitting, Cynthia finally approached me with her husband beside her.

          'Harriet! Oh Gosh! How I've missed you like crazy!', she said and hugged me tightly.

Her accent had suddenly changed and I couldn't help but laugh to their amazement.

          'Okay? Meet Bolaji, my husband, baby and the best thing that has ever happened to me', she blushed. 'Bolaji, meet Harriet. my ex- flatmate'

Bolaji held unto her. 'Baby, I thought you said you had a house of your own in Kenya. You never told me that you shared a flat with some girls', he said

          'Uhm', Cynthia scratched her head. 'Actually, when I came back from Kenya and I needed to do one or two things but wasn't able to get an expensive hotel here, I had to squat with her. Baby, it was disheartening because I'm not used to such life but one has to be humble sometimes, you know', she lied and gave a pleading eye to me to co - operate.

          'Wow!', was all I could say. I managed to stand up and finally shook his big hands. 'Nice to meet you, Bolaji. Take care of my friend. She could be a great liar at times but its for better or for worse, you know', I laughed and staggered away.

I was too drunk to care about what might have transpired between the both of them after then. I found my way to the car and instructed Toba to get me a cigarette. He soon arrived with it and I sat on the bonnet of my car - my drink beside me and a cigarette in my mouth.

          'Oh God!', I gasped and release some smoke. 'Aha, f**k. Life is so unfair, man! Life is so f**king unfair!', I shouted and threw the cigarette away as I burst into tears.

          'Madam, wetin happen?', Toba asked, standing in front of me.

          'Get out of my sight!', I shouted. I was crying now.

I wailed like a child as people passed by, wondering what was happening. A teenager who came with his family briefly videoed me crying and went back into the hall.

          'My life is messed up! My life is so f**king messed up', was all I kept saying.

Some policemen who also came to secure the venue soon approached me and started questioning Toba who was as dumbfounded.

          'Harriet?', I heard someone call but I refused to see who it was. I kept on crying.

          'Do you know her?', one of the policemen asked

          'Erm, yes sir', the person replied

          'So, what's all these for? This is a wedding and this kind of scene is not good for the image. What do you think Mr President would say if he comes out and see this? Please take her away or we would take her to the station'

          'Aha, please don't do that. There's no need for it. I'll handle it', the person said.

I had stopped crying now and was silent with my head bowed.

          'Harriet?', the person called again.

I slowly raised my head up and saw a familiar man on a wheel chair It was Emeka'


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  1. Jesu! Cythia dey lie for africa o. Kilode!

  2. Orrrh harriet! But can straf akin the waiter, life ain't? Well her man will come, even if she said yes to mr ghana, he might dump her later for a brighter future called madam ghana connection. Your man will come babes! Mama Queen all the way from london.

    1. Lol. I love the way you wrote - brighter future called madam ghana connection. Harriet will hopefully get her man. All the way from London? Thanks, mama queen. You're loved!

  3. Yes babes all the way from london. Well done babes. May God speedily grant you all your heart desires and mine. AMEN. Mama Queen.

    1. Great, mama queen. Thanks for the prayers. God bless you!

  4. Yay. I loved this episode. So many lessons.
    Alcohol doesn't numb pain.
    Sex doesn't fill a void.
    Do not despise little beginnings.
    People can lie for Africa. 😂

    1. Lol. I'm glad you learn't something, bibi.


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