Aside from the post about a day in my life, it's been a while I did a personal post. So, here's one. There are serious issues around and I just thought it would be nice to discuss some here especially the ones that pertain to me.

I'll be talking about;

  • Mouth Odor
  • Living the christian life in all truth and sincerity
  • Adulthood expectations
  • People refusing to pay up their debt
  • The people of other religion

The sub topics look interesting, yea? Well, I'll simply be dishing out my own view while you read and contribute in the comment section.

Mouth Odor

Mouth Odor is gradually becoming a serious issue. A VERY serious issue. I can say that 55% of men in Nigeria have mouth odor or perhaps, even more. When a lady now has mouth odor? That'll be a really big issue! Just recently, I was at the student union building in my school to make a print. A man was passing in front of me when he mistakenly hit me. Been courteous, he told me 'sorry'. Now, I appreciate that but the kind of bad odor that accompanied his word was more than terrible. Something I cannot describe. It was so bad that I had to start blowing air out of my mouth and I had to rush to spit outside. It was that gross! Funny enough, that's not my first encounter with a man that has mouth odor. I was at Dugbe Cinema about a month ago and had the chance to chat with a man there. He developed interest in me and offered to see the movie 'Ajuwaya' with me. We were having fun when he decided to lean close to whisper something to me. I should have thrown up immediately. He had a serious mouth odor! I met another man at Bodija who was well dressed and looked all cute not until he came closer and I had to find my square root.

In all sincerity, I prefer body odor to mouth odor. I don't know if those men do not brush their tongue well because the odor comes from having an unwashed tongue. It goes beyond brushing the teeth. Brush your tongue. If you notice you have mouth odor, brush it twice on the spot or thrice. Just keep brushing it till you no longer have a bad breath. Also, get a mint and keep licking or this sugarless gum. Get a mouthwash, maybe. Bad breath is a major turn off and guys should beware. That's how one guy that was asking me out carried me into his car and just when he was about dropping me in front of my hostel, he brought his mouth close to mine for a kiss. Obviously, I would have declined but the mouth odor that accompanied it made me react in a very harsh manner which I should have done gently. And if you see this guy outside, all posh and sweet driving the latest car and using an expensive perfume. May God help guys o!

Living the christian life in all truth and sincerity

So, I just came back from fellowship and I was inspired to write abput this. A mini drama was acted and it was about a guy who was complaining of how he had to fake his christian life just to keep up and also hide his dying soul. The verse that was referred to was about walking in the spirit and resisting the desires of the flesh. I've actually read that scripture before but now that it was read again, it sent chills down my spine! The thing about this new generation Christians is that too many of us practice christonaticism which is the practice of christonatics. This means faking the christian life. Faking prayers, faking quiet time and faking everything so that people can hail us and not look at us as backslidden. However, we have to remember that even if we fake it for the world, there is one person who can never be deceived and that is God.

We have to learn to be true to ourselves and just like I told my friend, we have to be ready to seek help if we need one. It starts from the little errors we commit from lying to gossiping to not being straightforward to jealousy and strife etc. We have to be able to locate the right person who we can share our burdens with and who will be able to pray with us and fast when needed. In this christian life, we cannot do it on our own. We cannot walk alone and we shouldn't let the devil isolate us. Whatever we do, we should live in truth and all sincerity. Don't post online that you read your Bible twice a day if you know you don't. Who are you deceiving? Don't post christian songs online when your phone is filled with secular music. Don't say what you don't do. I learn't a lot today and I realized that we have to empty ourselves and come to that point of helplessness before God can fill us.


Adulthood Expectations

This is really what I've been thinking about lately. It's gradually dawning on me that I'm an adult. Like, the word in it's entirety - ADULT. Like, literal ADULT. Before, I used to see my self as the last born and as such, baby of the house and everyone's baby. But now, it's very obvious that I'm an adult and too many things are expected of and from me. As an adult, you have to start thinking maturely. You have no excuse to think like a child. Your opinions and Ideas have to match the expectations. You have to dress and speak alike. And oh, what of the reminder from the parent?

'Ehn, immediately you finish school, just come back and do your masters and immediately go to your husband's house'

This same parent that flogged me relentlessly whenever they saw me with a boy back then are the ones reminding me of the husband factor. This is a waowu. Besides, one of my distant friend in 400 level just got married. Another one don carry belle. Nawa o. I remember when we all entered in 100 level. All young and naive. It is well! And oh, the scary part of having to decide whether to live alone once you're done with school or still stick with the parent's house. The former is tempting but the latter is wiser. What about having to cater for yourself? Parents reminding you that you'll stop getting money from them once you are done with school. To whom much is given, much is expected. Education has been given, now they expect to reap the fruit of their labor. Just like that!

People refusing to pay up their debt

This is gradually becoming an issue. I remember reading on Sisyemmie's blog about not lending money to friends because it could lead to a friendship breakup. I actually didn't pay much attention to it till it happened to me recently. Like why on earth will you be all calm and beggy when you want to collect money and then suddenly become a ghost and arrogant when it's time to pay up? You promise to pay up within a week. Some even promise the next day but months after you're yet to pay. This is really sad. The annoying part is that many of them begin to avoid you like a flu. Others will read your messages and not reply. Some will even start saying things like

                               'Is it because of this amount that you're now disturbing me?'

But when they wanted to collect the money, they saw it like gold. I recently cut off relations with a guy that is owing me and refused to pay me. He read my messages but refused to reply. Another one ran way. Yes, like literally ran away. Another one said I'm insulting her for telling her that she's taking me for granted because she hasn't paid me my money. Another one even said that

                                        'Sebi I've dashed him the money already'

And I was like 'wow!' Are human beings really like this? Now, if I'm not dashing you the money, I cannot borrow you a dime. People will call you stingy but won't know what you've experienced in the hand of others who promised heaven and earth but refused to pay back.


The people of other religion

And the religion I'm referring to in particular is Islam. Just yesterday, I met a Muslim lady at Ventura and she had the most pleasant and awesome spirit I have ever encountered! So gentle and meek! She even fixed a date for us to see a movie together. I also had the opportunity to see a movie with another Muslim and he gave me a great insight into their religion and how Islam preaches peace and love unlike what I used to think. All I want to say is that they're actually good people and many of them even behave better than some of the so - called self - righteous Christians we have around which is a shame. How can we be Christians and you'll be all hypocritical and negative while a Muslim is being all loving? That tells a lot about such a person! I've learn't to respect everyone irregardless of their religion as well as love everyone alike.


Life has a way of teaching us lessons both from our mistakes and from the experiences of others. No matter the mistake we make, we should choose to see the lesson and forge ahead. As for adulting, someone should take a chill pill already. What do you guys think about the issues I raised above?

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Side Gist - The picture above was taken on the last day of my exam. I was so elated ehn! I've also been super excited this evening as per I'm missing someone special! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

Thanks For Reading!!!๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’‹



  1. Awesome post. Don't let anyone rush you into adulting. BTW, Islam is beautiful!

    1. Thanks for the advice, hassan. And yes, Islam is beautiful!

  2. I love this post, Emete. It allows your pour out your mind. Maybe I should do something like this on my blog. Permission please?



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