Monday, Monday, Monday!!!

I hate Monday for countless reasons knowing fully well that it's one day that sucks out the productivity in you. But what can we do anyway? We can always find a way around it all. Afterall, that's what makes us Nigerians. We always know how to lighten up every moment. Ibadan on Monday is often quite busy and at the same time, quite quiet. Busy in the morning with most people rushing to work. Quiet in the afternoon because most people are busy doing one or two things within their own walls. Lively again at night.

So, I went asking four people their opinion on a startup business plan for four major set of people we have in Ibadan and Nigeria as a whole. What am I saying? The world as a whole. No matter who you are, you fall under one of these categories and you will surely be needing some of their advice. Let's hear from them.


PROFILE - I don't have any overblown profile. I'm just a bloody journalist.


                    The Unemployed
They should look at their immediate environment. There is a product/service that is lacking. They should venture into it. For Example, it might be News Stand. Somebody should venture into selling NewsPapers. There's no loss in that. No capital needed. Just go to different Newspapers office. They will supply you at designated place.

                      The Worker
Men should diversify into farming. Women should start selling daily needs.

                   The Business Owners
They should do everything possible to minimize risk and maximize profits within the confines of honesty and hardwork.

                               The Retired
They should engage in activities that will not make their limbs redundant and also fetch them money for their upkeep without depending too much on their children who are probably underemployed or unemployed. For Example, Rental Service.


PROFILE - Hope  Oghenebrume, Hwabejire has many years of experience in business development, business analysis, and business consulting, Project management, Children and Teenagers' Ministry and has led many team to success.

His other strengths are in Scientific writing and novel research, Health Care Service Provider, choice Speaker in Christian and positive social events, coaching and motivation of new employees, Real estate and property management, General Contractor and Supervisory roles.

As a Member of the Royal Ambassadors of Nigeria, RAN, of the Nigeria Baptist Convention, Nigeria Redcross Council, NRC, UNIBEN DETACHMENT, National Association of Microbiology Society, NAMS, Nigeria,  he finds creative and innovative ways to contribute positively to society by mentoring upcoming young individuals in the areas where he has the professional expertise.

His Credentials include:

Bachelor of Science Degree in Microbiology, General, University of Benin, Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria.
Masters of Science Degree in Industrial Microbiology, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.
Diploma in Data Processing, Federal University of Technology, Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria.
Diploma in Train the Trainer in Teenagers' Ministry, Family Life  and Education Department, Nigeria Baptist Convention, Elekara, Oyo State, Nigeria.
Believers' Foundation Class, Living Faith Church, Oke-Onitea, Osogbo, State of Osun.
Basic Certificate Course, BCC, World of Faith Bible Institute, Living Faith Church, Agbowo, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.

Past Public Offices held include:

Sanitary Prefect, Kogbodi Secondary School, Ughelli, Delta State, Nigeria.
President, Scripture Union Nigeria, Kogbodi Secondary schools, Ughelli, Delta State, Nigeria.
Treasurer and Bible Study Secretary Royal Ambassadors of Nigeria, First Baptist Church, Ughelli, Delta State, Nigeria.
Treasurer, National Association of Microbiology Students, NAMS, UNIBEN Chapter.
Secretary General, National Association of Life Sciences Students, NALSS, UNIBEN Chapter.
General Cell- Coordinator, Baptist Students Fellowship, UNIBEN/UBTH Chapter.
State Bible Study Secretary, Anglican Corpers' Fellowship, ANCOF, Osogbo, Osun State, Nigeria.
Bible Study Secretary, Winners Post Graduate Fellowship, WCPGF, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.
Course Representative, Industrial Microbiology Unit, Post Graduate Students, University of Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.

Of his many hobbies of exploring new frontiers, Reading, Writing, Teaching/ Coaching, Jogging and travelling top the list.


                   THE UNEMPLOYED
I will advice every unemployed youth to look inward to discover themselves of their inherent potentials. Self discovery is key to taping into the avalanche of creative businesses. Draft up Business Proposal and seek for help at the Bank of Industry for careful monitoring and executions of plans.

                         THE WORKER
They can invest into businesses that will not interrupt their work. Businesses like real estate and properties management, online retail, micro cooperatives schemes in their place of work amongst coworkers to pool financial resources and acquire large landed properties as a way of investing into their future plan of life after retirement. Real Estate and properties appreciate with the market. It creates avenues to increase their assets column.

               THE BUSINESS OWNER
As a business owner, there is still room to diversify one's empire. Every business is in the midst of a high level of competition. He must think like an entrepreneur and not as a business mogul to stay afloat or stand the risk of been drowned. Study the market trend, look at the daily inventory and check areas of substantial improvement. Overhauling should be done. Save for the new market areas in the future.

                    THE RETIRED
It depends on his prior plans of his available saved resources while he was still working. This is a platform of giving back to society by rendering of services: Agro allied, Building Materials and General Contractor, Hiring and Purchase, Supermarket and Accessories, Transportation, Youth Empowerment: Skill Acquisitions training centres etc.


PROFILE -         Kester Awani has many years of experience in business development, business analysis, business consulting, project management and has led many teams to success.

His other strengths are in directional drilling, drilling/well
engineering and well rig operations support for drilling and completions operations.

He has his professional foot print in Nigeria and Central Africa especially Chad.

As a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE), Nigerian Institute of Management(NIM) and the Project Management Institute (PMI), he finds innovative ways to contribute positively to society by mentoring upcoming individuals in the areas where he has professional expertise.

His credentials include:

• Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electrical Electronics Engineering, Federal University of Technology Owerri, Nigeria
• Masters in Telecommunications Engineering from the University of Port Harcourt, Rivers
State, Nigeria.

Of his many hobbies, exploring new frontiers and travelling top the list.


                  THE UNEMPLOYED
Find a need you can meet. Meet that need

                       THE WORKER
Start now with what you have. Don't wait till it's perfect. There is no better time than now.

               THE BUSINESS OWNER
Treat your business like it's a 9 - 5 job. Even if your startup office is your home, wake up, dress up and sit on your work desk like every other office.

                        THE RETIRED
Get help. You can never do it alone.


PROFILE - Final Year Student, Blogger, Business Consultant, Singer. I simply fit into any legal box.

LOCATION - Ogun (Presently)

                   THE UNEMPLOYED
Do you like where you are? No? Then, do something about it. Do something you are passionate about. If you are looking for a white-collar job, get something doing while in search. Do you have a skill? Establish a business based on it? Don't have any? Learn one. Just do something.

                          THE WORKER
Be dedicated and focused on your work. That's the only way you can be productive. Be happy no matter what you are faced with at work. That's the only way to kill depression and stay active. If you want, establish a side business alongside your office work.

                THE BUSINESS OWNER
Put your very best in your business and never rely on anyone. People can disappoint. You are the owner. In the end, you alone will bear the risk. Be wise in your spending. You might have to sacrifice your sleep to stay on top. 

                      THE RETIRED
Saved during your rainy days? Now is the time to harvest and enjoy. You can also invest in any productive business but remember not to break any of your bones. They are already fragile, you know.

Hopefully, you were able to pick one or two things from the advice given by these four. 

Whatever category you fall under, your best is required to stand out from the crowd.

Have a productive  week ahead!



  1. I'm a worker and I reallyy learn't from this Kester, Emete and the other men inspired me. Really. I like that hope gave examples while oladapo went straight to the point. Keep it up.

    1. @mrs olakunle, I'm very glad you learn't from it. Have a productive week ahead!


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