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Either you just got a leave or you are on holiday or you really just want to travel out of your comfort zone - whether you are outside Nigeria or in Nigeria, there are a million and one reasons why you should visit Ibadan. Ibadan is historically known to be the largest city in West Africa. Asides from it's peaceful ambience, it has got a whole lot to offer both people who live in it and those who come to visit. I would be dishing out 5 major reasons why you should tick Ibadan as your next choice location of visit and in another post, I would dish out ways of enjoying your stay in Ibadan as a visitor.


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When it comes to tourist attraction, Ibadan has got it 100%. From the University Of Ibadan's Zoo to the Zoo at Agodi Gardens. From the museum at Cocoa House to the museum of national unity. Ibadan is an historic place that has gradually evolved. Even in it's evolution, it hasn't written off history. There are so many historic sites in Ibadan that you would love to see on your next visit. From Mapo Hall to Bower's Tower to the many hills that surround the city. From the University Of Ibadan's botanical garden to Lekan Salami Stadium. University Of Ibadan which is the first and oldest higher institution in Nigeria is another tourist attraction you would want to have a look at. These and so many more make up Ibadan and should be a must - see for a every Nigerian.

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If there is one thing you wouldn't want to miss out on your next trip to Ibadan, that should be the food. Ibadan is one city that has got a lot to offer to it's people food - wise. It's major delicacy, Amala and Abula is one you can never go wrong with. Be ready to go local by eating the ever sumptuously prepared Amala and Abula.They also have one of the best moin - moin and eko. Their snails  are top notch and their rice? It's one of the best. Asides from that, Ibadan has a variety of foreign and local dishes to cater for everyone in the city. Coming to Ibadan is virtually like home away from home.

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Talking about home away from home, the people of Ibadan are one of the most hospitable people we have in Nigeria. They are very peaceful, understanding and loving. If you love to talk and ask questions, they have a good listening ear. They love to laugh and they are absolute fun to be with. Whether you are a christian, muslim or a traditionalist, they are always ready to mingle and accommodate you. The people of Ibadan are well cultured. They love foreigners and strangers and are always ready to make them comfortable. No wonder so many foreigners have decided to pitch their tent there. They are very happy people.

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Being happy people, they know how to have the best of fun. You think everything goes down in Lagos? Try visiting Ibadan. Your perception would change within hours of tasting a bit of the fun. They have very fun places you and your loved ones would never go wrong with and for those that like to chill and go down, they have it all packaged for you. From one show to the other, from one program to the other, there is never a boring time in Ibadan. You keep hearing and seeing A - List artistes trooping to Ibadan to run a show, hold a program or do one or two things. The fun just got realer.

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If you are looking for one place devoid of headache and wahala, Ibadan is the right place. Ibadan has a very serene environment and maintains great peace. Every estate in Ibadan is well guarded. Every hotel in Ibadan is well secured and even the streets of Ibadan have a peaceful ambience. All you have to do is mind your business and you would have a great and undiluted stay in Ibadan. In the end, you would want to prolong your stay.

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These are my top 5 reasons why you should visit Ibadan. If you agree and you enjoyed it, give a thumbs up by sharing, sharing and sharing!!!

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