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Today, I will be revealing my chat with a notable blogger who resides in our very own Ibadan, Bisola of Sister Bisi Blog. Does the blog name ring a bell? Incase you are yet to know her and her blog, simply click HERE and thank me later. An amazing blogger who is also a professional lawyer. This didn't stop her from being as humble as she can be. I had a nice chat with her and I'm sure you will enjoy reading it. Please note that it's not an interview. It's simply a chat. So, formalites were absolutely not needed. Enjoy!

EMETE👸 - Thanks for honouring this chat, Miss Bisola. So christmas is at the corner. Personally, I'm not making too many big plans but I'm hopeful for an exciting Christmas. What about you?

BISOLA👱 - Yeah. Christmas is everywhere. I was at shoprite few hours ago, and it was a Christmas fun fair. Lots and Lots of decorations, and lots of people. The queue went on for ages. So it's quite hard to ignore Christmas. I don't have a lots of plans. Mostly just chilling, go to church, and maybe a little entertaining of friends. I have discovered that it's quite hard to ignore Christmas, whether you are a christian or not, or believe that Christ died on that day or not, you can't escape the festivities and the general Christmas feeling.

EMETE👸 - Talking about shoprite and all enterprise, holidays like christmas are often times they make lots of money you know because there is often a hike in price of goods and services. I find such unexctitng though. I feel christmas holiday and other holidays should be when things should be cheaper so everyone can enjoy it. Or what do you think?

BISOLA👱 - Exactly. I feel that Christmas has been commercialized a lot. A lot of people make money from the holiday and the festivities. Even now, christians join the band wagon. Non - christians I mean. Look at shoprite, even the outside was filled with kids train, telecommunication stands etc. Not to talk of how expensive food items and drinks are. I think Nigerians are very resilient. Despite the economic situation, they are still trying to enjoy the Holiday and buy what they can.

EMETE👸 - Exactly. In all of these, the true essence of christmas has been jeopardized. Christmas to me is about celebrating the birth of the Messiah which was essential in bringing salvation to the world in order to save mankind. Or do you have a different opinion?

BISOLA👱 - Christmas is such a popular holiday and not just in Nigeria. Yet a lot of eople don't even know the essence of what they are celebrating. In my opinion, sharing gifts, showing love, doing charity, being close to family isn't just a Christmas thing. It should be a christian thing.

EMETE👸 - Asides from it being a christian thing, it's something even a non - christian should do. These are simply general ethics.

BISOLA👱 - You are right. Let's say a human thing then. And should be done throughtout the year. Imagine the less priviledged and orphans in orphanages who get loads of gifts and foodstuffs during christmas. Just because we feel a little bit more generous at christmas. I am not saying it's a bad thing. But what happens in January when the food finishes? We should feel generous all through the year.     

EMETE👸 - Sure. You know, something tripped me of recent. A news came into my phone via this naij.com app. It was about some muslims giving christians gifts because of the upcoming christmas. I mean, that's beautiful. Christians should learn from that. It's a great way of promoting religious peace and syncretism.

BISOLA👱 - Yes! I am all for religious tolerance. I have a muslim background and I try to be considerate of members of my family who are still muslims. Sometimes when people don't share our religion, we can be a bit too judgy. Showing love and prayers can win souls for Jesus Christ.

EMETE👸 - That's right. And christmas is a great way of renewing the bond with loved ones since it's a holiday. Husband and wife, parents and kids, boyfriend and girlfriend...abi?😁

BISOLA👱 - It's a great opportunity to visit, reunite and connect with loved ones. Most countrues have one form of holiday or the other which gives ample time to travel.

EMETE👸 - Yes. I would have loved to travel to America. I've never been there before but you know, Trump things...😥

BISOLA👱 - Lol at Trump things. I love to see new places and america is on my list of places to visit. My dear, our God owns Heaven and earth. President to be Donald Trump doesn't bother me.

EMETE👸 - Naso. That's the truth anyway. What country amuses you?

BISOLA👱 - You mean, do I like? Or do I want to visit?

EMETE👸 - Both

BISOLA👱 - Hmm. Still America. It's diversity and size is intriguing. If I ever relocate, it will likely be America. For visit, London, Paris, and a few African countries. I would love to visit Gambia, Ghana and Ethopia. When I become rich, I intend to travel to as many countries as possible.         

EMETE👸 - What about Ibadan? Where in Ibadan will you like to spend your christmas?

BISOLA👱 - Hmm! Let's see. I really don't go out on the holiday itself. Too much crowd. But if I have to choose, maybe watch a movie with a friend. I am yet to visit agodi gardens. So there's that. Where will you like to spend yours?

EMETE👸 - You've not visited agodi gardens? You are really missing o. Really fun place! I will like to visit palms mall...especially the cinema there. Really, I need to see the wedding party movie this christmas. That reminds me of an incident that occured years back about a couple who had a terrible fight because of christmas. The wife wanted them to spend christmas with her parents while the husband wanted them to go to the village. This led to a terrible fight to the extent that the man beat up the woman. What do you think couples should do in a situation whereby there is a conflict on where to visit during holidays like christmas?

BISOLA👱 - I haven't oh. There was a movie where the protagonists all came to Ibadan and visited Agodi Gardens. I was amazed at how beautiful it was. To think it's not too far from the places I frequent. Yes oh. The adverts of wedding party makes one want to watch. Ebony life hasn't allowed us to rest. As I said earlier, there's always the urge to connect with loved ones during christmas. But if there's conflict they should stay home and spend christmas with themselves. If that's not feasible, then they should talk it out and come to a compromise. Maybe spend a few days with the husband's family and the remainder with the wife's family. Or rotate it yearly. Beating the wife wasn't the solution. The husband should have tried to explain to her and cajole her instead of trying to beat her into submission. I am sure neither of them had a good christmas that year. The wife had a family before the husband. She can't be expected to forget about them too.

EMETE👸 - They sure didn't have a good christmas. In the light of that, how do you feel concerning men that beat their wives? What do you think a woman in such a situation should do because I have thought about it. As christians, we are almost not allowed to let the public know about our troubles. What's your opinion?

BISOLA👱 - As a lawyer, you come across all sorts. But I can say categorically that a man should never beat his wife. No matter the provocation. I have noticed that some people tend to excuse men beating women on the excuse that the woman had a sharp mouth. A man has to keep his temper in check no matter the provocation. That's what seperate men from boys. Such woman has to be very careful and seek counselling. Don't keep quiet. So that you have witnesses. I advocate safety of life first. One cannot pray in the grave. Prayers, counseling, reporting him or her to family members and seperation. You read about the lawyer who killed her husband in this same Ibadan. It's not just men alone. There are times when you have to physically seperate when you feel your life is at risk. There is this movie on Iroko TV I watched. I'll PK. One of the characters died because she kept giving excuses for her husband until he killed her.

EMETE👸 - Hmm...that's true. Asides from beating, there are other ways husbands abuse their wives. It could be verbally, financially, sexually etc. Using toke makinwa as a case study, most women would never divorce because they are christians and divorce isn't advocated for. She was in a really terrible situation. I advocate for a seperation in that case since the man committed adultery. What do you think?

BISOLA👱 - You're correct. Abuse isn't only physical. And looking at toke's case, most women see these signs and choose to ignore it. There was a video I watched of a boyfriend beating his girlfriend. They weren't even married yet. When they now marry, she will complain that he beats her. Men and women both need to be prayerfully alert. I say prayerfully becase some people can hide their real characters. But if you are lucky enough that they show it before getting married, don't ignore it. Anyone who brings you down and makes you cry isn't going to change when you marry. Toke said 'enough' after marriage. She ought to have siad so before they got married. It would have saved her a lot of heartache and pain. Nevertheless, I am still rooting for her.

EMETE👸 - You're very right. I was still thinking about this thing some days ago. This is like a jamb question but why do men choose to beat their wives or abuse them in any way?

BISOLA👱 - I gues it's a psychological thing. That feeling of power and dominion. Some men grow up seeing their dad do same to their mum. And the cycle continues. Some are angry, jealous and easily provoked and let their fists do the talking. There are myriad of reasons. And for some, it's a one time thing maybe out of provocation.

EMETE👸 - Hmm. We really just have to be careful. Holidays like christmas is one perfect time to sit with your spouse, ask questions, renew that lost love and bring back joy. Bring back God into your home. Not just couples but people who are at loggerheads with others. Christmas is one time to forgive ahead of New Year.

BISOLA👱 - Yeah. I am all about New Year. Every moment we have with loved ones should be productive. We shoud make new memories, end grudges, talk things out etc.

EMETE👸 - Really, Bisola. I seriously don't want to end this conversation but we just have to come to a conclusion and I'm sure everyone enjoyed this chat. I however have a christmas wish. My christmas wish is for me to get a car this christmas. Biko, this Nigerian heat is something else. What's your christmas wish?

BISOLA👱 - Haha. Wishes do come true. I wish for maybe an all expense paid vacation or the latest Mac. More practically, I pray for peace in Nigeria and all over the world and for our prayers to be answered. It was a pleasure chatting with you. Thanks for the platform. 

EMETE👸 - Thanks for granting the chat.               

I hope you enjoyed the chat like I did. Don't forget the upcoming interview this evening. Two more days to christmas...yaay!😀😀😀😀😀😀

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  1. I do agree with Bisola Christmas is highly commercialized esp in the UK but at the end of the day I just love the happy vibes that come with Christmas.I enjoyed reading this chat. Looking forward to the next one.

    MERRY CHRISTMAS and Happy holidays.


  2. @stephlately, I totally agree with her too and I'm glad you enjoyed the chat. Thanks for stopping by. Do check back.

  3. I wanna visit Ghana too.
    Plans for Agodi gardens underway.
    Lets go together na Sis Bisola?

    Loves this
    Merry Christmas

    1. @frances okoro, you should visit agodi gardens soon and yes, sis bisola would be so glad to go with you, I assume. Thanks for stopping by. Do check back.


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