Yello! After much planning and anticipation, I finally got to hang out with a precious blog reader of this blog. I was amazed when I got a message on my phone - whatsapp - and the person said he is an adherent reader and follower of this blog and so, he decided to message me. I was glad! These are the kind of things I like to hear
. To commemorate it, I decided to plan a hangout with him on my next place of visitation - Agodi Gardens. We sure had much fun! So what are you waiting for? My number and email are on the blog. Send me a message and let's talk and talk and hangout! You can whatsapp me on 09098265695 or send me an email at experienceibadan@gmail.com OR smartemete@gmail.com. I would be glad and love to hear from you!


No spam or scam calls o! You can message me to get acquainted or for business...ngwanu, send that message!

I should have taken my time before going out but Stanley, my blog reader was already there(at agodi gardens) waiting for me. Acshualli, we fixed 11:30am as the meetup time but you know african time tinz na. So I boarded a bike all the way from the University of Ibadan down to Agodi Gardens. The bike man charged me N200. I paid and called Stanley (my blog reader). The gate fee into Agodi Garden is N500. It is N500 oooo. No go carry N50!!!!. Stanley came out in no time and we proceeded to the bar section.


The place was empty, sort of. It's a saturday and so, I expected people to come in their numbers but for whatever reason, the place was empty. However, people started rushing towards evening. Remember it was still daytime when I arrived. Stanley was already gulping a bottle of water...lol. So we started talking and all the while I was observing and music was blasting from the stereo. After a while, I decided to start my tour round the garden. I went in and dropped my bag with a lady attendant before leaving.

I never knew there was a riverside until now. Trust me, I explored the area first. We walked through a pathway which led to the riverside. There was a boat afar off and I was only too excited because I assumed I was going to ride on a boat for the first time in my life only for us to get there with no one available. The boat was tied to a rope but there was no attendant around. This should be worked on. I remember seeing pictures of people on a boat on some agodi gardens pictures I stumbled upon and that got me excited. Perhaps, they don't operate on saturdays. Close by were some life jackets. When I was sure I wasn't going to ride, I carried myself to the next area in view.


This part was the most exciting part. You know, the first time I ever went to a zoo was in my first year at the University of Ibadan when the gate fee was just N50(Fifty Naira). Now, it has been privatised. It's now N500(Five hundred naira)...*wipes tears*. Well, the most exciting moment for me was the time I saw the lions but my excitement was cut short when the lions were asleep. I wasn't happy at all o. So when I heard Agodi Gardens had lions, I was overly excited.

The road that led to the zoo was forest - like and really put us in the spirit of zooism. Stanley had been there before I arrived so he led the way. There were really tall trees around while we could see the very beautiful Agodi Gardens afar off. On our way, we saw a merry - go - round. I have always craved entering a merry - go - round. I really don't care if it child - like and thank God, this one was for adults and I was only too happy to ride. Me I thought it was free when the attendant told us it was N500...hian! After paying N500 for gate fee?!...Issokay! The explanation was that it was private ownership...that explained it all.

Leaving there, we came across a stream which flowed under the platform we were passing. There were really beautiful tiny fishes and there were two boys around. One of them politely told us that they were tilapia fishes. They were so tiny and were wringling their bodies. Daz how the second boy told us that they use to eat them. Stanley was too amused and humorously asked if they eat 50 at once because seriously, they were really tiny!

We got to the zoo proper at last. The first place I went to was the lions den!...ghenghen!
  There were two lions - male and female - and they were both awake! The last time I saw a real lion move was on NatGeo wild on DSTV. Now, I saw it forreal! The male lion kept roaming about as if looking for something. He didn't even care if there were visitors around. He was facing his own business. I was totally amused but I made sure I kept a distance incase of incasity. You know you gotta be kiaful in naija...recession might have reached the lions side. 
Meanwhile, the female lion was busy feasting on her meal. I couldn't tell what animal it was. I remember a zoo agent at UI telling me that they give the lions one life goat everyday...choi! Like this lion was really concentratimng even when I tried calling it out. Both the husband and herself...none of them answered me. The husband found a place at last and lied down while the female lion continued eating her meal happily. The lions seemed peaceful unlike the ones I used to see on NatGeo Wild where they will just be killing themselves and being bloody.

The next view was that of the crocodile.
I had a very funny experience here. The crocodile was placed inside a low building. Actually, I thought the crocodile was dead because it just lay low with it's mouth opened. Ahan! We tried to call it's attention but this crocodile no gree answer! I should have known that it was also participating in the ongoing mannequine challenge...lol. Stanley kept insisting that the crocodile never die until the zoo attendant came with a long stick and touched the crocodile's mouth. That's how the crocodile respondedly jumped up according to reflex. Comman see race of life!...mo sa kabakaba(I ran scatter)! even stanley! I even run pass stanley wey dey make mouth before...mtchew.

Stanley was later saying that he never knew I could run...hehe, I laugh in greek. We also got to see the monkeys who hung on the cage poles and were just looking like lucozade boost. We also got to see the tortoise from all our children tales(please raise your hand if you read Ijapa ti'roko, oko yannibo[tortoise and the iroko tree, the husband of yannibo]...hehe...that's my generation!). So I met the Tortoise our yoruba teacher often gisted us about. He was very slow as usual. The zoo attendant told us he is 57 years old...good old tortoise! He don reach retirement age be that!
However, the Tortoise is male while the wife has been taken to another place. Sad enough...the Tortoise gan looked sad! Inside a very low cemented area were two little Tortoises which were 7 and 8 years. Those are the smallest Tortoises I have ever seen. They were placed inside water.
We also got to see a baboon that was kept in a lone cage. It kept starring at us as usual. The zoo attendant however stretched a fruit to it and it was lovely seeing it collect and eat.
We also saw a parrot. Aha, the parrot spoke! It speaks yoruba language. Amazing! It's yoruba name is Ayekooto while it's igbo name is Okoro. Ahaha, chief okoro!
The zoo experience was really one of its kind! You should come and experience it soon! I made sure I took pictures o.

The pool side is almost like what Moses experienced concerning the promised land whereby he saw but didn't eneter only that in my case, I have entered the place before and that was because it was ofe(free). The gate fee is N500. Tanchiu, but am not patronizing you today! I really wish I could take pictures but guys, you really need to enter the place! It's really AWESOME and AMAZING! You would have ultimate FUN!


Here, they sell Chicken and Chips, Suya, Indomie, Asun...anything barbequish you can think of! And trust me, they taste really good! The last time I came, I had a fill of almost everything and that was because I came with an influential person who worked there before and was a very good person. So they were just dashing us anyhow...I luff dhat!

The last part we visited was the remaining part of the garden. I could see lovers here and there. Enjoy the rest of the exclusive pictures below!

Agodi Gardens is a fun place for your outdoor events and gathering. Last time, I attended Bake 'N' Chop event here and it was really good. It is also good for lovers and a nice place to propose all you guys(relationship advice from stanley himself)! Aside from the chops, they sell food as well just beside the bar. Food, drinks, popcorn and anything you can think of! The food ranges from N800 and above.

ESTIMATED MONEY YOU NEED WHEN VISITING AGODI GARDENS - N3500 (for singles - this includes swimming pool and private merry - go - round expense...thank me later)

PhotoCredit - Myself, Stanley and the bar attendant
Phone Used - Stanley's Lenovo Phone (eet did ah great job! tanchiu!)
Unnecessary Information - I later went for a wedding at Jericho. On my way, I saw Ibadan Reservation Club. I guess I should visit the place soon. Besides, I would be featuring a DISCOVERED! talent tomorrow. You really don't want to miss it for anything!

Thanks for reading!





  1. You cool have entered the pool side nah. I have gone to agodi once and i can say its a really cool place to be.

  2. @Biola, lol..na money o. And yea, its a really great place to be. There a lot of swings for the kids as well. Thanks for stopping by. Do check back!

  3. Awww.i love your blog. Maybe it's cos I stay in ib. I will send u a mail so dat u can drop clickable blog links with post title on other blogs.
    I had to manually type your address after I saw it from NSG blog.
    So do I sense romance between you and Stanley? Oya come and gist us.

  4. @Bisola, lmaoooooo...romance kwa? no way ooo. I'm delighted that you love my blog. God bless you sweetpie! Please send me a mail soonest. Thanks for stopping by. Do check back!

  5. That looked like a nice meet and greet. I love going to the zoo.

  6. @comfycozyup, lol...@meet and greet...if you say so. I love going to the zoo too! Thanks for stopping by. Do check back!

  7. Beautiful pictures. Nice review. You look hot. Say hi to your "blog reader" for me . . .. *winks*


    1. @nwamaka ajaegbu, thanks a lot and yes, he is just a blog reader without the quotation mark. :) Thanks for stopping by. Do check back!

  8. You look good!
    Lovely photos too.


    1. @carina k jacob, thanks a lot dear. Thanks for stopping by. Do check back!


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